Thanks to the consolidation of acquired techniques, innovation, and the different solutions existing in the Evaluation Engineering segment, Campus Valore became a renowned company in the industry, offering quality services, clear information, and reliability.

Diverse knowledge and an efficient, updated database make it possible to carry out studies, deep analyzes, and get information from the entire real estate market, providing our customers with all the responses they need to develop their projects with more confidence.

Our activities are based on technical norms within the standards established by ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Norms) and publications from IBAPE (Brazilian Institute of Engineering Evaluations and Investigations).

Real estate market is free-floating, fragmented, and one of the most relevant in Brazilian economy.

Our main mission is presenting, through technical reports, parameters and inputs that define the fair value of the assets, as well as comprehensive information on the trends in the real estate market.

Comprised of experts and a technical staff of cross-functional engineers distributed across the country, Campus Valore provides customers with the broadest knowledge of Real Estate Consulting, developing projects for organizations from different industries.

Campus Valore has a team of talented professionals not only interested in their careers’ development, but also committed to the mission and values of this organization. If you also believe in Campus Valore’s philosophy and want to join us, please send your resume to and take part in future selection processes.

More information on our company is available in this website, especially in sections About Campus Valore, Mission, and Staff.