Campus Valore, through Assets Consulting, provides its customers with a range of services focused on solving issues one may find when making important decisions. Providing tailor-made services so to plan, organize, and guide is critical for a positive outcome.

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Real estate market is free-floating, fragmented, and one of the most relevant in Brazilian economy. In this context, organizations will often have mortgage portfolios, assuring its operations and providing a return on capital.

Nevertheless, it’s highly important to make sure that the assets in this portfolio are properly analyzed and reviewed, preventing that distorted values, vices, imperfections that contaminate property titles, as well as the existence of lawsuits, have an impact on their liquidity in the market.

In order to minimize the risks and provide a projection of the actual guarantee value in each operation, Campus Valore develops studies for the Credit and Legal areas in the organizations, aiming to identify any disparate amounts in such assets for a decision-making on the adjustment of the conceded lines of credit.

The legal status of a property is a rather important aspect, and, through management mortgage, we analyze and monitor the asset within the operation term.

The result of this task enables the identification of:

  • Excessive guarantee values;
  • Documents with imperfections;
  • Regular and irregular assets;
  • Higher-risk and higher-value assets;
  • The liquidity degree of each asset;
  • Legal status of each asset.

Whether for legal or strategic needs of the companies due to the strong dynamics of the economy, Campus Valore develops technical reports involving the analysis of both tangible and intangible assets in order to identify the economic value and support negotiations between organizations, such as merges, spin-offs, incorporations, and between the members of the shareholding structure.

Following cutting-edge economic-financial theories and through continuous improvement, the technical staff comprised of engineers, business administrators, economists, auditors, and accountants provide an comprehensive, effective service, developing the following activities:

  • Economic evaluation of the companies (tangible and intangible assets);
  • Advice on the purchase and sale of companies;
  • Due diligence processes.

Identifying the needs of the real estate market and the right product for it is the goal every real estate investor seeks to achieve. The elaboration of a future plan always implies the convergence of a complex number of variables, related to the different technical, economic, financial, administrative, and legal aspects.

Campus Valore, through its staff comprised of analysts and subject matter experts, elaborates market studies for both real estate and agribusiness areas, defining the investment options in the future production of goods and/or services, so to identify the potential use of a property.

We perform the following tasks:

  • Detailed researches on the trends of the local real estate market;
  • Sector analysis;
  • Site suitability studies;
  • Venture economic feasibility studies;
  • Prospection and location of properties for investment;
  • Real estate portfolio study for sale and rental;
  • Mapping and orientation of the sale and rental.

A property not in compliance with law can be subject to duties, fines, and penalties resulting in charges on the sale of the real estate or the embargo of a production process due to irregularity, eventually causing problems for companies and owners.

In face of the need for the clearance of a property, Campus Valore provide technical consulting services, elaborating reports for the following clearance tasks along with the city hall and environment department:

  • Clearance of buildings (city halls and registry offices);
  • Construction INSS [Brazilian institute of social security] and ISS [service tax];
  • Blueprint approvals;
  • Estate development approval;
  • Environmental licenses;
  • Environmental risk assessment;
  • Legal reserve registry.

In face of the need for optimizing processes and certainty of transactions involving mortgage, accord and satisfaction, acquisition and rental of properties, Campus Valore counts on consultants, lawyers, and specialists in real estate law that provide a comprehensive, effective service developing the following tasks:

  • Formalization of Mortgage and Fiduciary Sale Contracts;
  • Advice and analysis of documents and certificates;
  • Advice on the acquisition and rental of properties.